Project/Program Management and Support

    Activities with the purpose to change (and improve) the business with defined  resources and a fixed delivery time is called a project. If there is more than one project and they needs to be coordinated, it is called a program.

Project/Program Management

    Norendal International provides experienced project manager for most tasks in the field of information security, alertness and risk management.

    We possess know-how/expertise on relevant issues, activities and timeframe estimates.

Project Framework

    We use a established framework, consisting of four parts:

    • Pre study,
    • Accomplishment,
    • Approval of deliveries,
    • Follow-up.

    The purpose with the project framework is to ensure order, good planning and documentation. Our customers must be well informed. Delimitationís and liability between us must be obvious. As our customer you shall know what you gets and the costs.

Project/Program Support

    Support agreement is divided into three different levels

    • Preparedness agreement. Support 24/7,
    • Maintenance agreement. Fixed amount of support or upper limit,
    • Consultancy agreement. Fixed amount of support during certain times.


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