Management Consulting

    This service aims to support and develop your current process dealing with Information Security Management (ISM). You donít have a process? Yes, you have, trust us. The process is merely a simple way to describe what happens in your organization.

    Our experiences assure that the approach is professional. We do not have a standard solution to offer every customer and we do not identify your problems and potential based on such a solution.

    When your needs are identified - we offer a solution. Contact us to find out more.

Strategy, Policy and Program Development

    In addition to risk assessments, audits, Norendal International also offers strategy, policy and program development to assist customer in the building of their corporate enterprise security practice.

    The security strategy, -policy and -program are the backbone of an organization's security posture and must correctly reflect the findings of asset and risk assessments. Such security SPP become an essential tool in the enforcement of security standards and could also function as an outline for a disaster recovery plan.

    We have working knowledge and hands-on experience of:

    What tools and support are available, and suitable, for your organization? Norendal International offer support and know-how in all aspects. Contact us to find the way forward.

Vulnerability  and Risk Assessment

    Keeping track of the current situation is a simple but effective way to identify the organizations vulnerability and areas in need of attention. The assessment can be carried out in the organization as an self-assessment by your organization or by a security consultant.

    Our recommendation is, if you only need a powerful tool, to look at the SBA Method. If you need support to introduce, train your staff or to perform assessments - contact us for more information.

Awareness Training and Workshops

    In order to minimize risks in the business, motivated and informed staff is a proven winner. Most risks arise due to human interference. It is proven that risks are reduced simply by making people  aware of the security policy and the consequences by not complying.

    This service is tailored according to your needs. Contact us for more information.

Temporary Reinforcement or Support

    Sudden illness, unplanned vacation etc. could create big problems who need to be addressed rapidly not to cause losses in the organization. Our aim is to provide suitable resources to assure the accomplishment of current or planned tasks.

    The range of services, examples:

    • Remote Support, support during office hours - e-mail/phone (reply within 3 days)
    • Close Support, support during office hours - e-mail/phone (reply the same day)
    • On-Site Support, on-site support within 2 days, duration up to 10 days.

    This service is tailored according to your needs and our resources. Contact us for more information.


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